Biopasive Single Family Attached House in Casa Pletada Sitges - esarquitecto - Architecture Studio Sitges
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About This Project

Biopasive Single Family Attached House in Casa Pletada Sitges

Biopasive Single Family Attached House in Casa Pletada Sitges


The main goals of this house are the energy efficiency and low carbon footprint.  This means that all systems and materials of the house help to reduce the use of energy.  To achieve this, the main material used in the house is wood. We use sustainable wood for the structure and isolation materials.  In the exterior, the paint and plaster from the facades are mineral and not synthetic.  Finally, to reduce the heat and cooling demand, the house has triple glass windows.  The different cooling and heating systems of the house are the most efficient of the market and they are supported by a small photovoltaic pannel. This helps to reduce even more the house energy costs.


Inside the house, the day program occupies the Ground Floor.  The kitchen and living room have an open space design.  There is a direct connection between ground level and a terrace and the house garden. Secondly, in the First Floor there are three rooms. Finnaly, two studios occupy the Second Floor. They have a big solarium with panoramic views over Sitges and the Mediterranean Sea.  All the spaces of the house share one material as finishing, the wood from the structure. The main material of the structure is CLT (Cross Laminated Timber).  This material allows slim floors and loading walls. It’s a sustainable material that also works as isolation. This allows to avoid thermal bridges in critical points like balconies.  This type of wood structure is also used in other houses designed by the office.


Biopasive Single Family Attached House in Casa Pletada Sitges nZeb Passive House Passivhaus




Casa Pletada, Ca l'Antoniet, Sitges (Barcelona)

Project year



Esteban Sánchez Pomés




David Guija Alcaraz, Architect


Patricia Sánchez Pomés, Technical Architect



Timber Structure



Emma Leach and Carmen Bernal, Structure

Project phase


Single Family House