Single Detached House La Plana Sitges Barcelona - esarquitecto - Architecture Studio Sitges
Single Detached House La Plana Sitges Barcelona. Contemporany and modern design house with high efficiency energy standar.
Single, Detached, House, La Plana, Sitges, Barcelona
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  • single-detached-house-la-plana-sitges-barcelona
  • single-detached-house-la-plana-sitges-barcelona
  • single-detached-house-la-plana-sitges-barcelona
  • single-detached-house-la-plana-sitges-barcelona

About This Project

Single Detached House La Plana Sitges Barcelona

Single Detached House La Plana Sitges Barcelona


In the new promotion of La Plana Este Sitges Barcelona we find this unique home. The functional program of the house occupies three levels. First of all, a basement for vehicle parking. There is also a multipurpose room and service facilities. This room has an exit to the outside thanks to a patio which provides ventilation and light. Secondly, a ground floor which has the main piece of the house. It is a large living room – dining room – kitchen. In addition, there is also a guest bedroom and a dressing room and sink. Thirdly, on the first floor, we find the different bedrooms, including the en-suite master bedroom with a large dressing room and bathroom. There are a total of 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms.




The hall, distributors and staircase create a cross space that serves all the rooms of the house. All the main rooms are located on the south facade. Meanwhile, the utility rooms and hallways are located on the north facade. The exterior design of the house has wide windows in the south facade to take advantage of the views and natural light. The south facade is organized through a horizontal line which divides it in two. It is a large porch that projects the Living – Dining Room and the Kitchen to the outside. On the first floor, it serves as a terrace and turns the master bedroom into a gallery overlooking the garden. The design is unified by a cantilever that encompasses the entire house. In the opposite side, the north facade has small windows to preserve the privacy of the house from the street.




The house seeks to connect the interior and the exterior. To achieve this, we design large windows and outdoor spaces related to the house. Consequently, on the Ground Floor we create porches, while on the Ground Floor we create terraces. The main cantilever and porches on the south facade avoid the heat of sunlight in summer, but also allow this warm light to enter the house in winter. This luxurious home is designed with the highest energy efficiency standards. For this reason, the house obtains an energy classification A, the most efficient. Consequently, it can be considered a household with almost zero consumption (nZEB). We achieve the same goal as other office designed houses.


Single Detached House La Plana Sitges Barcelona


La Plana, Sitges (Barcelona)


Esteban Sánchez Pomés




David Guija Alcaraz, Architect


Patricia Sánchez Pomés, Technical Architect

Project Phase

Under Construction

Single Family House
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