Mediterranean single detached house in La Plana, Sitges - esarquitecto - Architecture Studio Sitges
Mediterranean detached house in La Plana, Sitges. Nearly Zero Energy Building (nzeb) modern design house with swimming pool.
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About This Project

Mediterranean single detached house in La Plana, Sitges

Mediterranean single detached house in La Plana, Sitges


This home features a modern Mediterranean style. It has large exterior spaces connected to the interior rooms of the house.  Among the different exterior finishes, we find natural stone and wood. Inside the house, we find three levels.  The first one is the basement, with technical rooms and garage for several cars, including electric ones.  The second one, the ground level has the living room and kitchen. This floor is wide open to the garden, and closed on the north towards the street.  This allows privacy from external views.  Finally, on the first floors we find the bedrooms, included a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. This floor is completed with a wide terrace with views over the sea and Sitges.


Finally, this house design is nzeb building.  This means it’s Nearly Zero Energy Building.  Which allows to heat and cool the house with very few resources. This is possible thanks to its design as well as some technical features. Some of them are photovoltaic panels or continuous isolation.  This avoids thermal bridges. Finally, sunshades and covered terraces which reduce overheating during the summer.


This house is in the same development zone as other houses we’ve designed in the office.


La Plana, Sitges (Barcelona)

Project Year



Esteban Sánchez Pomés




David Guija Alcaraz, Architect

Project Phase


Single Family House
balcony, house, la plana, mediterranean, nzeb, sitges, terrace