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About This Project

Single Family House in La Plana of Sitges Barcelona

Single Family House in La Plana of Sitges Barcelona


The location for this house is urbanization La Plana, in Sitges.  This new zone has connection with the motorway to Barcelona and the airport. And it’s also close to the train station. Finally, it is just few minutes walk away from the beach and historic city center. This means it’s close to many services.

This house with swimming pool occupies a singular plot of triangular shape. Therefore the plot has conditioned the design of the house. In order to fit the plot, the design has several setbacks on the ground level.  They create different spaces in the garden that are related to different rooms. It has a functional program divided into three floors. It has five bedrooms, four of which are suites and a large Living Room and Kitchen.

The Master Bedrom and the Living Room and Kitchen have open distributions. They integrate different services in one space. In this way, we create a greater sensation of amplitude and functionality of the different rooms. Inside, a double space in the hall visually connects the distributor spaces as well as the Living Room and Kitchen. The interior – exterior relationship is reinforced by creating porches and terraces. Some of them,  in the First Floor are landscaped to bring some of the garden in the night zone (bedrooms). It is a housing with a sustainable design,  classified with the highest energy efficiency label, A. This classification guarantees a lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The house uses high energy efficiency equipment and an aerothermal equipment for the production of hot water.

Single Family House in La Plana of Sitges Barcelona. Single family dwelling with swimming pool, garden, underground garage and two floors.


Sitges, Barcelona


Promositges Homes




Esteban Sánchez Pomés

Project phase



David Guija Alcaraz, Architect


Emma Leach and Carmen Bernal, Structure


Carles Climent

Single Family House
barcelona, beach, house, housing, la plana, plana, sitges