Single Family Detached House Rehabilitation Sant Pere de Ribes Barcelona
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About This Project

Single Family Detached House Rehabilitation Sant Pere de Ribes Barcelona

Rehabilitation of detached house located in Sant Pere de Ribes. The design changes distribution and modifies the structure. In addition, works update the finishes and facilities of the house.


A new steel structure has been done in the street level to hold the brick loading walls of the house.  As a result we create an open space housing concept.  The result is a diaphanous living room connected to the kitchen and other spaces.


The new design includes modification of floor plant to convert each room into a suite. Also, the penthouse is refurbished as a dressing room.  Meanwhile, new and wider windows improve the relation between inside and outside the house.


To get to the final design we have worked together with our Client, developing several versions of the project.  This close colaboration helps to finally get the design that fits all their needs.


Sant Pere de Ribes






Esteban Sánchez Pomés


Under construction


David Guija Alcaraz

Single Family House Rehabilitation